Securit is the premiere security company, providing corporate and personal security and private investigation services.


Protect Your Investment

Properly performed background checks are critical in protecting your investment and securing your business from the inside. Background checks help ascertain a person’s character, the structure and vitality of a business, an individual’s trustworthiness, and personal histories. Whether a potential employee or a prospective business partner, you need to be sure who you’re hiring or signing on with—and Securit Background Checks make that possible.

Background investigators at Securit have 4-year college degrees and at least 5 years of law enforcement experience as special agents, investigators, or customs officers. Our experience and methodology ensure that you can confidently make informed decisions, based on sound and exhaustive knowledge, gathered by the most reliable methods.

Securit’s experienced and confidential investigative team is an inimitable composite of specialists conversant in the tools necessary for an exhaustive and comprehensive search of public records and verification of information.

Trust Securit for accurate, trustworthy results

We perform the following checks

  • Criminal History Report
  • Motor Vehicle Driving Record
  • Social Security Verification
  • Credit Check
  • Liens and Judgments (County, State, and Federal)
  • Property Assets
  • Criminal Federal Court Search (District and Nationwide)
  • State and Federal Incarceration Records
  • Sexual Offender Registry
  • Civil Federal Court Search (District and Nationwide)
  • U.S. Bankruptcy Courts
  • OIG Medicare/Medicaid Fraud
  • Professional License Check
  • Education Verification/Diploma Verification
  • Employment Verification


Trust Securit to Find the Truth

Need to know who you can trust? Then trust Securit to protect your business through our exhaustive, professional, and confidential private investigations. Our licensed investigators are professionally trained in the art of investigation, surveillance, and stealth. We use state-of-the-art equipment, techniques, and information sources to determine the facts. Securit’s investigators employ background searches in combination with daily surveillance and investigations to offer comprehensive information reports.

Securit Principals closely oversee and monitor the progress of all investigations to ensure that they meet both ethical and professional standards. Our staff is continually updated on recent changes in the law(s) pertaining to retrieval of court and public records, databases, interrogation procedures, and interviews.

We ensure that our investigators are current not only in the latest investigative techniques, but also abide by the applicable laws. Securit investigators have demonstrated their willingness and ability to abide by regulations governing the use, handling, and protection of confidential information.

All investigations are regarded as sensitive and confidential; therefore, each Securit investigator is expected to comply with the high standards of conduct required of persons holding positions of trust. In addition to their investigative experience as former law enforcement professionals, our investigators have proven loyalty to the firm; possess strength of character, trustworthiness, honesty, reliability, discretion and sound judgment.

Trust Securit to get the facts.


Protecting Your Company’s Most Important Assets

Since 9/11, corporate travel carries increased risk. Corporate executives often must travel at a moment’s notice, sometimes to high-risk and dangerous locations, needing to both leave and arrive via the most secure ground routes possible. Even in the United States, an executive, celebrity, or other well-known person may face random violence, attention seekers, stalkers, hostile former employees, potential kidnappers, or other threats. A traveling executive today also faces the possibility of industrial espionage through unwanted eavesdropping or attacks on unsecured, sensitive data transferred by computer.

Securit’s Executive Protection service offers the professionalism and the peace of mind that allow you to concentrate on business while we concentrate on your safety. We tailor our protective services to your routes, needs, schedule and lifestyle, with every effort made to balance freedom of movement and complete safety in an individualized security plan developed by experienced and vigilant professionals.

When you arrive at your destination, we have the capability of performing electronic sweeps and instituting computer security measures to protect your privacy, trade secrets, and personal safety.

Securit only utilizes former law enforcement professionals for executive protection assignments—seasoned personnel who know what contingencies to consider in planning and the expertise for designing a security plan uniquely tailored to your individual security needs.

Trust Securit for your executive protection needs.


Security is Not Optional

In a world of heightened awareness of daily threats, security is not optional. Securit provides professional, skilled, and experienced armed and unarmed guards to secure your business, property, and personnel to give you peace of mind—as they have successfully done for sensitive industrial sites, government agencies, jewelers and other retailers, among other clients. Our professionalism, experience, vigilance, and dedication to protecting you, your employees, and property allow you to concentrate on what you need to—running your business.

The presence of a vital, alert security force will reduce the potential for crime. An experienced force can analyze a situation and is prepared to handle almost any predicament. Securit offers highly trained Unarmed and Armed Guards for all your protection needs. Our standards are high so that we recruit and retain the best security professionals in the business. You can rest assured that your business’ security is in good hands when you hire Securit. The minimum criteria for our guards is as follows:

Unarmed Guard

  • Successfully complete a background investigation to include criminal, credit, and reference checks.
  • Be at least 21 years of age.
  • Possess good interpersonal skill.
  • Present a neat and professional appearance.
  • Complete a certified security training program in compliance with State regulations.
  • One year of continuous work experience.

Armed Guard

  • Successfully complete a background investigation to include criminal, credit, and reference checks.
  • Be at least 21 years of age.
  • Possess good interpersonal skill.
  • Present a neat and professional appearance.
  • Former Law Enforcement or Military.
  • Complete a certified security training program or local State or Federal law enforcement training academy.
  • Successful completion of a certified weapons proficiency course.
  • Four years of continuous work experience, 2 years of which must be in security or law enforcement.

Whatever your security need, our security guards have the professionalism, judgment, integrity, and skill necessary to protect your business and its resources, even in the most sensitive and high-risk situations.


Intrusion Detection Systems

  • Proprietary & Remotely Monitored Systems
  • Hardwired Systems & Wireless Systems
  • Perimeter Protection
  • Interior Detectors
  • Outdoor Detection Systems
  • Video Verification of Alarm Conditions

Access Control

  • Integrated Intrusion Alarm & Access Control
  • Card, Fob, & PIN (Personal Identification #) Readers,
  • Biometrics – Finger, Palm, & Retinal Readers
  • Gate Operators – Swing, Slide, & Barrier Arm
  • Electric Locking Hardware
  • License Plate Recognition Systems
  • RFID (Radio Frequency Identification)Tags

Video Surveillance

  • Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Analog Surveillance
  • IP Video Surveillance Local & Wide Area Networks
  • Certified Network Cabling for Voice & Data
  • High Speed – Low Light Level Pan/Tilt/Zoom
  • Hi Definition & Mega Pixel IP Cameras
  • DVR (Digital Video Recorder), NDVR (Network Digital Video Recorder)
  • CAT5e & CAT6 Network Cable Installation & Testing

Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS)

  • Commercial Hold-up Alarms
  • Personal Panic Alarms
  • Medical Alert

Life Safety & Environmental Monitoring

  • Fire Detection, Smoke Detection, Heat Detection
  • Carbon Monoxide Detection
  • Natural & LP Gas Detection
  • Hi & Low Temperature Detection
  • Hi & Low Water Detection
  • Temperature Control
  • Lighting Control

Central Station Monitoring

  • Secure Internet Monitoring
  • Cellular Backup
  • Radio Backup
  • Digital Dialer (POTS)
  • SMS Text Messaging
  • Open & Closing Supervision
  • Remote Video Alarm Verification

GPS Monitoring & Tracking Devices

  • Asset
  • Vehicles
  • Personnel

Security Products

  • ITT Night Enforcer® NEPVS-14 Pinnacle®
  • Thermal Infrared Monoculars & Equipment
  • SureFire – The World’s Finest Illumination Tools