Executive Services

Protecting Your Company’s Most Important Assets

Since 9/11, corporate travel carries increased risk. Corporate executives often must travel at a moment’s notice, sometimes to high-risk and dangerous locations, needing to both leave and arrive via the most secure ground routes possible. Even in the United States, an executive, celebrity, or other well-known person may face random violence, attention seekers, stalkers, hostile former employees, potential kidnappers, or other threats. A traveling executive today also faces the possibility of industrial espionage through unwanted eavesdropping or attacks on unsecured, sensitive data transferred by computer.

Securit’s Executive Protection service offers the professionalism and the peace of mind that allow you to concentrate on business while we concentrate on your safety. We tailor our protective services to your routes, needs, schedule and lifestyle, with every effort made to balance freedom of movement and complete safety in an individualized security plan developed by experienced and vigilant professionals.

When you arrive at your destination, we have the capability of performing electronic sweeps and instituting computer security measures to protect your privacy, trade secrets, and personal safety.

Securit only utilizes former law enforcement professionals for executive protection assignments—seasoned personnel who know what contingencies to consider in planning and the expertise for designing a security plan uniquely tailored to your individual security needs.

Trust Securit for your executive protection needs.