Securit Case Studies

Armed Guard Services

Audemars’ Piguet, N.A., Midtown Manhattan

Audemars Piguet is an International Swiss Watch company who turned to Securit when it needed a firm it could rely on to protect its more than $10 million in daily inventory in an easily accessible retail environment. Securit met Audemars’ challenge by providing highly trained armed guards who had the skills needed to safeguard Audemars’ high-value inventory, facilities, and employees as well as the wherewithal to greet patrons and maintain an image appropriate to Audemars’ high standards.

Background Investigations

Silvercrest Nursing Home, Flushing NY

Silvercrest’s reputation rests squarely on its employees’ ability to deliver services that earn the trust of its residents and their families. That’s why Silvercrest relies on Securit for all its pre-employment checks.

To get started, Securit redesigned Silvercrest’s employment application to gather the information needed to conduct a thorough background investigation. Securit pre-employment investigations have helped ensure that Silvercrest hires the right employees. In the past two years, Securit has successfully uncovered conviction records for three prospective employees, two of which were recommended by hospitals where they previously worked and their conviction records went undetected.

Merger & Acquisition Investigation

Prestigious Law Firm

Securit provided private investigations services to a prestigious law firm whose client was involved in a major merger and acquisition. During our investigation, we uncovered fraudulent activity in an individual’s background which certainly would have been detrimental to the acquisition.

Executive Protection

Audemars’ Piguet, N.A.

Audemars’ Piguet has a world renowned reputation of tradition, excellence, and innovation; a reputation they extended in choosing Securit to protect Audemars Piguet President and Vice-President. Audemars Piguet Executives carry large sums of money and inventory, making them targets of opportunity for unscrupulous people. Audemars Piguet trusts Securit to provide their executives with the peace of mind they need to focus on their business, which comes from knowing Securit personnel are on the job.

Government Services – Security Guards

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

The Government is at constant risk of terrorist attack in today’s high-threat environment. Securit understands these risks and have been meeting the Government’s security needs since 2003. Securit delivers highly-qualified security officers to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to protect its facilities on 6 acres of land. Our security officers ensure USACE’s facilities are protected by applying the level of security appropriate for the military threat level assigned. Our security officers patrol the perimeter of the facility checking fences, equipment and visible exteriors of buildings and enclosures for possible security violations as well as monitor, inspect, and clear all incoming vehicles and its passengers.

Museum Security Guard Services

Cooper Hewitt Museum of Decorative Art and Design, The Smithsonian Institution

The Smithsonian Institution selected Securit above many other security companies because of their understanding of the critical, yet sensitive nature of security services as they relate to a museum’s operations. Securit understands that in addition to prevention of vandalism or theft, they must ensure that fragile, valuable works of art are not innocently damaged by visitors at the museum. Securit’s experienced, well-trained guards meet these challenges daily while also serving as public relations and information officers. Securit’s officers help educate visitors, students and staff in proper museum etiquette and also serve as a liaison between the Police Department and the museum, assuring continuing compliance with various rules and regulations needed to maintain the integrity of the museum’s security.